Clean+Green by SeaYu Founds Fragrance Free Day

The following is a press release from SeaYu® Enterprises. Because the problem of artificial fragrances and chemical odors is one that plagues me personally, I felt this project is well worth supporting. While I can do little at this time, because Gryphon and I are still settling in our new home, I felt I could […]


We both feel like zombies a lot of the time right now. We have an apartment in Syracuse, and have been “living” there since July 3rd.

I say “living” because most of our things are still in New Hampshire, waiting to be packed and moved. So it’s a glorified version of camping we’re doing, but in […]

Major Mojo Working

Gryphon and I are hard at work on what may be the largest transmogrification we’ve attempted (since finding each other, marrying, and moving me to New Hampshire).

We are moving to Syracuse. The plan at the moment is to be out of our NH apartment by August 1st, and either in a new place in Syracuse, […]

The latest

As summed up today, Dad’s issues are: fibroid tissue in the lungs; scarring in the lungs; a viral infection (in addition to the bacterial infection they already knew about); and a minor stroke. This is all in addition to being 80 years old and in the hospital for over five weeks already with double pneumonia.

The […]

Now that’s a box

Gryphon and I had a bit of found money recently. This is a very rare occurrence for us these days. After being sure that we didn’t legitimately need the funds for anything else, we decided to take an opportunity to upgrade our lives a little, while we can.

Gryphon broached the idea of upgrading our desktop […]

The Transmogrifier Impaired

A true Transmogrifier has a nearly unflaggable need to participate in her craft. There are very few things that can sway me from doing something creative with my hands.

This past week I have been under the grips of one of those things. I’ve got the latest version of “what’s going around”, and this time it’s […]

Blogworthy? Sure.

I think this just might be, as news goes. Had my regular checkup with the doctor today, and my glucose numbers are trending good enough to reduce the dosage on one of my meds. Plus my blood pressure has been in completely normal ranges for quite some time now.

KoKo is getting more outgoing, which means […]

Card Readers, Cameras, and Rat Chins

My computer is a laptop. I have two digital cameras, one SLR and one in my phone, each of which connects to my computer in a different way. I have two reasonably photogenic rats.

Can I ever manage to have the best camera for the job available when they do something cute, and then also get […]

Turkey Time

Gryphon and I are getting ready to travel to Syracuse again, for Thanksgiving. With his disabilities now, we’re making more detailed plans. I’ve been thinking ahead about what places it’s most important to visit (including at least one, maybe two, yarn stores), what we’ll be doing with my parents, and more.

Meanwhile, I am plugging away […]

Involuntary Transmogrification

Involuntary Transmogrification – to experience change which is brought upon you by outside or natural forces. Change which was not consciously initiated by the individual who is transmogrified.

There isn’t a lot happening here lately. Or there is, but I’m not sure it’s all newsworthy.

I am going through menopause, for instance. The prescription plans we’re using […]


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