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Squair Family Emergency Fund

Lyall Squair, Christmas, 2005

Lyall Squair, Christmas, 2005

Edited to add: My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed. With your generosity, we raised enough funds for those who are traveling to manage comfortably. With that, I am removing the donate button from this post, and taking down the donation page.

You are the most wonderful friends I could imagine! Thank you again for your help! – Jenny Kubeck, The Transmogrifier

This is Dad – 80 years old, and a disabled Korean War veteran. He’s been in the hospital with double pneumonia since April 5, and he’s just taken a turn for the worse.

We all want to be there for him and for Mom, but it’s hard right now. One son in California already took two weeks off from work and chewed into his savings to be there right after he got sick. Another son in upstate NY (also a disabled veteran) is coming, but lives on a fixed income and has almost nothing to spare. His closest living relative, his sister, will be traveling from the South. And of course, the Transmogrifier herself and her husband spent themselves dry making their first trip to be there.

If you are able, please donate via PayPal below to help our family come together in this crisis. Your funds will help pay for transportation and housing costs for family members traveling to Syracuse. No amount is too small to offer – many small drops of water can fill a bucket when they join together!

Goal reached – thank you!

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