Major Mojo Working

Gryphon and I are hard at work on what may be the largest transmogrification we’ve attempted (since finding each other, marrying, and moving me to New Hampshire).

We are moving to Syracuse. The plan at the moment is to be out of our NH apartment by August 1st, and either in a new place in Syracuse, or staying with my mom with our things in storage. That will get us out from under the high NH rent the soonest we can.

We spent two weeks at my mom’s after dad passed. During that time, we helped sort through some of his things, and began the search for a place to live.

Some large, symbolic gestures to notify the Universe of our intentions were made. I changed the mailing address on my Netflix account to my mother’s home. Several knitting projects, plus a few things we acquired while in Syracuse, were left in my mother’s guest room, in anticipation of our return.

After two weeks, we went back to NH to take care of some business we couldn’t in Syracuse. Nearly every day was filled with visiting with friends. Then, after only a week, we returned to my mom’s to continue the apartment hunt.

We have a place to look at today, and calls in about a few more listings. There will also be research into convenient, clean, and reasonably priced storage lockers. And we pick up a rat cage found on Craig’s list tomorrow.

It feels significant, this transmogrification. The center of our lives is moving to Syracuse, and it is a Coming Home – literally, for me. Even Gryphon, though, says he feels very much at home in Syracuse, and he grew up in New Jersey. My family treats him as though he’s been one of us forever.

Coming to Syracuse will be a fresh start for us, a chance to make changes that seem impossible if we stay in New Hampshire. I’ll miss my friends there, but we can stay in touch, and there is a good chance we’ll wind up with room enough to have guests visit.

I’ll do my best to keep you up to date about our progress. For now, both Gryphon and I feel energized by the mojo we’re raising.

Right move, right time. That’s what all the signs are saying. I’ll let you know when we reach noteworthy milestones, I promise!

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