We both feel like zombies a lot of the time right now. We have an apartment in Syracuse, and have been “living” there since July 3rd.

I say “living” because most of our things are still in New Hampshire, waiting to be packed and moved. So it’s a glorified version of camping we’re doing, but in a nice apartment in a nice part of town.

We didn’t get the previous apartment I may have mentioned, the one with the ten-foot ceilings and all that. Don’t know why – they simply never responded to our application, or our phone calls. Their loss!

Where we’ve landed instead is in a lovely flat in a 3-family Victorian home. We’ve got the second floor, and I mean ALL of the second floor.

Let’s see…the features include:

  • a lovely street that’s actually a boulevard, with a park median down the middle of the blocks, planted with tall green trees and flower beds.
  • a front porch that overlooks said park-like boulevard. The view also includes friendly neighbors, grassy lawns, and children and pets playing.
  • a sun room at the front of the house, with large windows and a southern exposure. I’m thinking plants, and a spinning wheel…
  • a living room and dining room, separated by an arch with nice woodwork (painted, but you can still see most of the details).
  • two bedrooms, one of which will be my craft space.
  • a small office at the back, behind the kitchen, which will be Gryphon’s den.
  • hardwood floors throughout, refinished in the kitchen, and a new hardwood floor in the bathroom.
  • a back porch that opens off of Gryphon’s den, and…
  • …which has a view directly across the city towards the local baseball park. We can’t see the games (they’re on the north side, we’re on the near west side), but we have a perfect view of the aerial displays whenever they do fireworks!
  • a kitchen with a pressed tin ceiling, and two butler’s pantries with french doors.
  • ceiling fans in five rooms.
  • a small, but newly re-done, bathroom, with a nice, deep jacuzzi bathtub. (Technically, a whirlpool bath made by the Lasco company, but still!)

We have friendly neighbors downstairs, a maintenance man that we get along well with, and a management team that likes us and wants to see us stay a good, long time.

It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood, near downtown and highways, and an easy drive to the zoo. My mom is a little over 3 miles away, so we all have our space, but are easily available to each other when needed.

I’m not going to share many pictures of the place yet. There is still a bit of work being done, like touch-up paint for some spots on the walls. And it’s pretty empty, with most of our furniture being in New Hampshire.

Here, though, is one view I’ll share:


That’s a miniature orchid I found at Wegman’s today. It’s a small Phalaenopsis, var. Coffee, and stands maybe 10 inches above the top of it’s 2.5” diameter clay pot.

I’m sitting on our couch (we found a lovely Broyhill couch & loveseat set on Craig’s List here for only $100), looking at our entry door on the left, and through the archway to the dining room, and my craft room door, on the right.

Yes, we have colors! The blue you see in living room and dining room. My craft room is China red. Our bedroom is a bright yellow. The kitchen is dark green below the chair rail, white above, and the tin ceiling is painted black. Stunning!

My little sun room is the only room other than the bathroom that is totally white, which makes it a nice bright place to relax and grow plants.

KoKo and Chanel are happy to be here, too. They see more of us now that they don’t have to stay hidden in my mom’s guest room to keep the cats away!

Obviously, the transition isn’t over yet. Gryphon will be heading back to NH to finish up our packing there, and then will bring all our goods here, where we’ll find someplace to tuck them.

But we’re here, for real, and Syracuse is now where we live.

We may be exhausted, and feeling a shortage of brains. But we’re HAPPY!

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