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Card Readers, Cameras, and Rat Chins

My computer is a laptop. I have two digital cameras, one SLR and one in my phone, each of which connects to my computer in a different way. I have two reasonably photogenic rats.

Can I ever manage to have the best camera for the job available when they do something cute, and then also get it to the laptop along with the proper connection method?

Apparently not.

So you’ll have to take my word for it that KoKo and Chanel are coming along famously. This morning, they both climbed willingly into a bonding pouch so they could come out for snuggle time with me.

KoKo still prefers just hanging out in the pouch or on my shoulder, preferably under a warm sweater or shawl, and getting skritched. There’s a particular spot on her cheek and along the jawbone that is her favorite. Start rubbing gently there, and she lays her head to one side, closes her eyes, and starts working her mouth and flicking her tongue in and out as she melts with pleasure.

Chanel sits for a little skritching now and then, but mostly wants to run around, exploring under the shawl, over the shawl, on the back of the chair, inside your ear, on top of your head, down in the corner of the seat by your hip, etc. Every now and then she goes back to her sister to make sure she’s not getting any special treats or treatment that Chanel is missing out on.

Chanel has learned the concept of the “arm bridge”. An arm bridge is when you hold your arm out, and the rat runs across it to reach another location. Our current version of the arm bridge has me extending my arm towards the couch, and Gryphon reaching towards me to make a double-long span. As soon as she sees the bridge, Chanel goes running across to play with Daddy.

Earlier this evening, I was passing the cage, and saw both girls hanging out in the tubular hammock. I reached in to offer my hand for skritching and sniffing. Imagine my delight when KoKo sniffed my fingers, then laid her chin down on their tips, closed her eyes, and began chirping in contentment! If it weren’t for the fact I was standing in a semi-crouched position for the event, I would have stayed there for her much longer. As much as I enjoyed the moment, I had to decide in favor of not crippling myself.

We bought the girls three weeks ago Christmas night, as an early, mutual Christmas present. By Christmas, their gift has truly blossomed – they are well socialized to us, and appreciate our presence in their lives for more than just food and water.

In case you couldn’t tell, Gryphon and I are having a Merry Christmas. How about you?


Merry Christmas, one and all!


The Transmogrifier, Gryphon, KoKo, and Chanel

3 comments to Card Readers, Cameras, and Rat Chins

  • Yay! It is sooo fulfillng when the furry ones start to trust! Elvis is coming along in leaps and bounds too. she is now giving ‘kitty kisses’- when they touch noses with you. It’s how they greet members of their family. We were very excited by it! Other people just don’t get it.

  • threeoutside

    Yay, you! Those two obviously know when they’ve landed in Gravy. I’m happy for all of you. :)