Saturday, April 23, 2005

What happened to The Beading Life?

If you've visited this blog before, you are probably a little confused. This used to be The Beading Life Online, where I posted news and information about my shop, The Big Little Bead Store, in Wilton, NH.

The shop closed its doors forever on Easter Sunday, 2005. We had a good run, but in the end, hard times in the economy and a hard winter combined with our shallow pockets meant we couldn't keep it going.

I'm sorry we won't be there to supply your beading needs any longer. However, not far away in Nashua, I can heartily recommend The Bead Room (108 W. Hollis St.Nashua, NH 03060, 603-598-9280). The Bead Room is the oldest bead store in the state, having been around for some 12 to 14 years. The proprietor is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgable about beadwork. Whatever you may be looking for, if The Bead Room doesn't have it, you probably don't need it.

A final note about GIFT CERTIFICATES: if anyone reading this still has (or knows of someone who has) a gift certificate to either Folkcat Art or The Big Little Bead Store, please follow these instructions to receive a refund:
  • Mail it to: Jenny Kubeck, PO Box 1290, Wilton, NH 03086.
  • Be sure to include the name to which your refund check should be payable.
  • Don't forget your return address!

My thanks to everyone who supported The Big Little Bead Store during its existence. We cherish each and every one of you.

Jenny Kubeck