Thursday, June 09, 2005

Can You Say Sock Experiment Three?

Well, I finished Sock Experiment Two the other day. Here are the results:

Sock Experiment Two Completed

The fit came out much better this time. Continuing the K1P1 rib all the way down until I began the heel flap gave a nice leg. As for the issue of my ankle being an inch larger than my foot measurement, it appears that I can just knit for the foot measurement and the leg stretches adequately to fit.

I also tried out the toe chimney method for grafting the toe, and let me tell you, I'm sold! My toe graft came out smooth and even and is virtually indetectable from the rest of the stitching. It's definitely on the books as my preferred technique for toe grafts from now on.

What's not easily visible in the picture is the one place where Sock Experiment Two fell short - literally. My toes are too crowded. It looks like I began the decrease rounds for the toe at an appropriate spot on my foot, because the shaping conforms well. But exactly following the toe decrease instructions in Cool Socks, Warm Feet (Simply Splendid Socks) produced too short a toe for my foot. And so, we move on to Sock Experiment Three!

Sock Experiment Three: Argyle Gone Bad?

Sock Experiment Three will be knit exactly like SE2, with two exceptions. I think I'm going to add about an inch to the ribbed cuff. And when I get to the toe, I'm going to insert a few more plain knit rounds between decrease rounds, just to extend the length of the toe a bit.

If this works out as intended, my sock experiments may soon be over!