Monday, June 06, 2005

Something Completely Different...well, almost

Saturday was the main day of the Wilton Arts & Family Festival that I mentioned in my last entry. For Bill and I, this meant a bit of very local excitement to cope with.

The only fiber-related note at the Festival -
a 4H exhibit from some local teens.

See, we live right on Main Street here in Wilton. Right next door to Town Hall. Right where the Festival takes place. That does in fact make it very convenient for us to enjoy the Festival. But once we've walked up and down the block twice, talked to all our friends who have booths, eaten some typical fair fare, and listened to some music, well, we've exhausted the possibilities for what we can get out of the Festival.

Since the Festival closes off the full, double-long block of Main Street from automotive traffic, parking is very limited. To further complicate matters, the parking lot at our apartment building is being paved this very weekend, so all twenty or so apartments (with up to 2 cars each) have to park in one of the few accessible lots on Main Street for the duration. Which means that, if we move our car out of that space during the Festival, some fair-goer gets really lucky, and we have a snowball's chance of being able to park when we get back.

What to do, then? Well, the Wilton Scenic Railroad was running several trips, and we haven't ridden since last fall. Plus, my new, 128 mb card for my digital camera arrived in the mail on Saturday when we were on our way to the train! Can you say pictures galore?

So Bill and I left our car (and his truck, too) safely in their parking spaces, and we took a ride on the train. I snapped pictures right and left (you can see them, and other pictures from the Festival, at Folkcat's Fotos). We had a lovely, sunny day in spite of dire weather reports earlier in the week.

Obviously, there's not much to report on my Works In Progress or anything like that. But you have to do something a little different now and then, right?