Friday, July 15, 2005

WIP: SE4 and Patchwork Puzzle Balls

No pictures tonight, I'm afraid, and not much to report, either. I have the two halves of my Patchwork Puzzle Ball nearly assembled. SE4 hasn't had much progress, I've just been too busy with other things.

It doesn't look good for crafting for the next couple of days, either. My creative energy has largely been diverted by assembling our first geocache hide. What hasn't been taken up by that is going into my new Cafe Press store, Folkcat Art. I'll be creating all sorts of images that you can then buy on t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, and more - even tote bags and clocks! Check out the banner on the sidebar, too, if you may be interested in creating your own Cafe Press store. I get a referral fee if you get there from this banner.

I'm sure that when the rush of these other activities dies down a bit, I'll be back to the knitting, stitching, and other crafts. Meanwhile, I certainly haven't got any time to be bored!