Monday, September 12, 2005

Belated Answer to a Comment

First of all, so sorry for taking this long to answer your question.

I was asked how long it took me to knit my latest pair of socks. The answer is, I really don't know.

Checking back through my blog entries, I find that I began knitting Sock Experiment 4 (SE4) all the way back on or about July 5th. Yeah, that's something like two months ago.

I never timed any of my knitting sessions, and I did have long periods of not working on them. So unfortunately, I can't really give an accurate answer to "how long did it take to knit them?"

Other than, "less than two months".

Silliness aside, I have to point out that I'm still fairly inexperienced at sock knitting, though I am getting better at it with each attempt. My mother, who's been knitting socks since sometime last year, tells me that she takes about two weeks for a pair. And keep in mind, she has severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, so she's probably not as fast as she'd like to be.

If I didn't work on any other projects (not likely to happen in my lifetime), and focused solely on the socks, I could probably match or better my mother's time.

So, for what it's worth - there it is. Hope that helps!