Friday, September 09, 2005

Guess the WIP!

Mystery Object OTN - Hey, Let's Have a Contest!

Lots of bloggers seem to be presenting mystery objects for their readers to guess at lately. It's coincidence that I cast on for something today that counts as one.
Looks Like a Toe-Up Sock
But it's not a sock. It's not even a garment.

It began with a flat bottom using the classic Pi formula for shaping a round shawl, which I worked until it was 72 stitches around.

Clue: I'll probably use this every single day.

It Sits Up On Its Bottom Side
When I got to 72 stitches around, I did 6 rounds of plain knitting, then switched to a K1, P1 rib for 6 rounds. By then, I realized I could easily fit a lace pattern around this thing. I flipped through Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls, and choose Traveling Vines, which fits 9 times around.

Ignore the baubles - they're not part of the finished object, they're my stitch markers separating the lace repeats.

Another Clue: The shape is very important. It needs to fit the item it's on to do its job right.

It's Got a Shape
I'll continue working the lace pattern until it's about 4-5 inches high. Then I'll switch off to, hmm....I'm thinking the Wavy Garter Stitch Cuff from Cool Socks, Warm Feet would look good. I'll do about 1/2" of that, then bind off. Weave in the ends, and it's done.

Final Clue: I won't need to block this, since in regular use it will A) be stretched over a form, and B) likely be a little damp - depending on conditions.

And Now For The Contest: Leave a comment with your best guess as to what I'm knitting. Be sure that there's a way for me to contact you - if you don't have an e-mail contact set-up at your Blogger profile, be sure to mail me one.

You no longer have to have a Blogger account to leave comments, but if you prefer, I will take e-mail entries as well. If you do choose to enter by e-mail, however, you must use the link at the side of this blog under "Want to Contact Me?" for your submission to count.

If anyone manages to guess it exactly, they're the winner. If more than one of you guesses correctly, the earliest time-stamp wins. In the event that no one guesses closely enough, I'll draw randomly from the comments. You have until midnight Sunday night (September 11) to enter. I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Now, for the's this? Winner gets their choice of 2 sets of my beaded stitch markers. I'll show you some photos to choose from after I contact you.

But What About the Bridges?!?!?!

I'm afraid we'll have to continue that saga on Monday. The next installment features a total of four bridges - numbers 5 through 8!