Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Half-Vest Project

I've been knitting away at Gryphon's Sweater Vest, and have reached a critical juncture. The body is long enough, now it's time for the armhole shaping.

Sweater Vest for Gryphon - Ready for Armhole Shaping
Half a Vest is Better Than No Vest
I'm pleased with the progress on this. It's been a fast knit, and the material is coming out very even and professional looking. Say what you will, sometimes a cheap yarn like Red Heart Supersaver is just the ticket, depending on the project.

Once this is finished, I'll be looking forward to seeing how the vest comes through the wash. I'm not certain, but this may be asking a lot. We ran a load of clothes today, and heard an alarming high-pitched whining while the machine ran. This was clearly a new noise, or we wouldn't have been disturbed by it.

Gryphon, handy beast that he is, opened the washing machine up, did a little research on the Internet, and has come up with two likely candidates for the problem. I won't get into what they are - it's his job to know about these things and take care of them. At any rate, it looks like with a little time and effort on his part, and maybe a couple of parts from an appliance store, he'll have the machine in shipshape this weekend.

Which is good, because I have about enough clean clothes to last me until Sunday.

Administrative Note: This week, all posts are being cross-posted to my new blog, I Knit Around. Sometime this weekend, I'll be retiring Folkcat's Fiber Crafts (and four other blogs). Those five blogs will be kept as archives, and they'll be replaced with I Knit Around as my single all-purpose blog. For a summary of the changes to the blog roster, please read this.

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