Friday, September 02, 2005

Keep a Prayer in Your Hearts

I haven't heard from the winner in my drawing, danserz, yet, and after watching the hurricane relief efforts on CNN for 2 days, I suddenly had a horrible suspicion. I checked, and yes, danserz lists her residence on her profile as Mississippi. No wonder she hasn't answered.

Out of respect for the whole situation, I will not be drawing a new name. I will hold the prize in reserve against the possibility that danserz is ever able to claim it.

My thoughts are with her. I hope she is all right. I hope against hope that she wasn't actually on the coast. I hope she still has a home.

Say a prayer for her, and for everyone else in the Gulf. Be sure to visit the Knitter's Relief effort at the Give A Little website through the button at the top of the sidebar, and donate what you can.