Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stash Enhancement, Sock Progress, and Previews of Coming Attractions

Okay, I lied. My posting didn't just get spotty, it nearly vanished altogether.

I won't repeat the same things that everyone else is saying. There's no need. We all know what's on tv, we know what we've heard from friends and relatives, and we know the political sniping that's happening.

I'm not a political person, I'm an emotional one. I cried today watching a marriage proposal on a sit-com, of all things. Events on the order of Katrina leave me numb and speechless.

On Saturday, Gryphon and I put a package in the mail to the Give A Little fund. It contains a dozen sets of my beaded stitch markers, with a total value of $120. I wish I could give cash, but we have so little right now, and I at least have a decent bead stash from before to work from.

That said, it feels a little odd now to tell you that we decided that the small amount of money I earned from selling beaded stitch markers to my LYS went to improving my yarn supply. But, I'm trying hard not to feel guilty every time that I buy something that isn't an absolute necessity. Life has to go on, and it's been so abnormal for us financially lately, that having a couple dollars to spend for craft supplies is a genuine luxury for me.
Yarn Feels Good

I almost cried when I got home with this little pile. It was unbelievable how much a modest bag of simple yarns felt like abundance to me. I was pleased to see that A.C.Moore carries Lion Brand Micro-Spun yarn now, and I got enough for two pairs of socks. The Red Heart yarn was on sale, and there's enough there for two sweater-vests I hope to knit for Gryphon.

As to Works In Progress (WIPs), I cast on and started knitting Sock Experiment 4, Sock 2 (SE4/S2). I started with the remains of the skein of Sockotta that I knit the first sock from, and now I know how far I get with one skein:
A Bit More Than Half-Way

What you're seeing is about 7 rows into the foot after finishing the instep decreases. This means I can reliably get three socks from two skeins or Sockotta. Or if I want two pairs, I only need three skeins. It's good to know these things.

The other WIP of the week is Wearable Hug 12 (WH12). As with the others, this is knit of Lion Brand Homespun yarn, this time in the Coral Gables colorway.

And with the mention of WH12, I'll give you a sneak peak at the stories you'll be hearing about the rest of the week. I've been Extreme Knitting again. The concept this time: 11 Bridges in 140 Minutes. WH12 is the project that went along for this wild ride, and she has come away with a name - Bridget. Here are thumbnail views of all the locations you'll be hearing about: