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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Eats, Knits, and Leaves - a (Slightly) Belated Knitting Group Report

I didn't have a lot of time to post yesterday. At least, that's my excuse for not putting up the pictures from Monday night's Eats, Knits, & Leaves gathering at Toadstool Bookshop in Milford, NH. And I'm sticking with it!

Eats, Knits, and Leaves November 2005
Eats, Knits, & Leaves, Nov. 2005
Clockwise from bottom left, this month's knitters are; Vicky, Bea, Beth, Patty, Janice, Jane, Carol, and Julie.

For a group that's only four months old (and only meets once a month), I think we're gelling nicely. It helps that a lot of the other ladies know each other from kids that go to the same school, or living in the same neighborhoods.

But even those of us without pre-existing common bonds other than knitting are finding the conversation comfortable. We've been gathering long enough that we can start to build from previous meetings. We'll look at what someone's knitting this month and say, "Oh, is that the bag you said you were going to knit last month?", "Say, that's coming along nicely," or "How'd those socks you were working on come out?" And we do a pretty good job of remembering to bring along finished projects that we've worked on at group before so people can see the results.

Janice Lets Her Yarn Untwist
Janice, (Un)Twisting the Night Away
Janice was working with Lamb's Pride Yarn (if I remember correctly), which is a worsted weight single-ply. She was constantly having to let her knitting hang down to untwist, and everyone agreed that was one of the pictures to take for the record. She says this is just the way that single-ply yarns behave with her, and she seemed to take it in stride, while the rest of us derived amusement from the vision of spinning fiber and needles.

Janice and I made the interesting discovery that we have both worked on fingerless mitts since last month. Each of us looked at online patterns and rejected them in favor of creating our own; each of us worked the thumb as a modified buttonhole. The major difference: I knit from the fingers down, in a multi-colored bulky yarn with a 2x2 rib, she knit from the cuff up in solid color worsted weight, with (I think) a 1x1 rib.

It just goes to show that the really worthwhile ideas are all out there, ready for any of us who dare to pluck them from the ether and bring them to reality. It was fun to compare our mitts and to realize how differently the same notion can be executed by two different knitters.

The real show-stopper among the show-and-tell items, though, was this piece of modular knitting that Carol brought in. Carol has been a weaver for a long time, but has only been knitting for around a year, if I remember correctly.

Jane and Carol Discuss Carol's Modular Knitting
Jane and Carol Discuss Carol's Modular-Knit Tapestry
Tapestry is my choice of words to describe this piece. Carol isn't quite sure what she's going to do with it, though the majority suggested hanging it on the wall as art.

Here are some close shots of some of the more interesting patches. As always, click through for a larger image.

Carol's Knitting, Detail 1Carol's Knitting, Detail 2Carol's Knitting, Detail 3
Of course, there's always the disappointment that pictures on the web can never adequately convey the colors and beauty of a piece like this.

I worked on Wearable Hug 13 (WH13), aka The Divine Diva, on Monday night. With crafty gatherings to attend both Monday and Tuesday this week, I really can't say I've done any other knitting than that. But that's okay - it's still progress on a knitting project I want to accomplish, and that's good enough for me.

A good time was had by all - in fact, we got so absorbed in our knitting and chatting that the bookstore staff had to come ask us to pack up and leave at closing!

On a note for the future, it's been decided not to get together again until January at Toadstool. Bea and I, however, have extended an invitation to the other Eats/Knits/Leaves knitters to join us at Panera any Thursday evening they'd like (except Thanksgiving), so there's no need to go without Knitting Around opportunities over the holidays!

So, to any Eats, Knits, and Leavers reading this, in case I don't see you - May the Holiday Season Bring You and Your Families Peace, Love, and Joy!

And Happy Knitting!

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