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Monday, November 21, 2005

A Folkcat Culinary First; A Mossy Blessing; and, Knitting Around With Hidden Treasure

More Culinary Experimentation

I'm 45 years old, which is all the more reason why you're not going to believe this one.

I've never had a BLT sandwich before this evening.

I know, I know. How in the world did that happen? It's not like I didn't have exposure to them as a child - my mother would frequently make a BLT for herself. Every restaurant on the planet seems to have a BLT offering on their sandwich menu. And according to the segment on a recent Martha show that inspired the tale I'm about to tell you, BLT is the second most popular sandwich on the planet, bowing only to Ham and Cheese in first place.

So how'd I avoid it? And why? Goodness only knows. I can't say I've particularly felt I was missing anything, and it's not like I was starving without them - anyone who's seen my pictures knows that's not the image of a starving person.

This afternoon, I was sitting watching an episode of Martha from a couple of weeks ago on my Tivo. David Alan Grier was the guest, and Martha and David were having a sandwich cook-off, Martha making her "Perfect BLT", David making his signature Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

Suddenly, Martha's BLT looked and sounded quite tasty to me. I was already working up the energy to go to the supermarket to buy lettuce - why not go the extra step and pick up some bacon and tomatoes as well?

And that's just what I did. I found a decent-looking brand of bacon on sale even, and I managed to identify two tomatoes that were not only ripe-enough-to-use-right-away, but hadn't gotten squashed in the bin. As soon as I got home, I popped the no-stick skillet onto the stove, and started prepping lettuce and tomatoes and toasting some bread while it heated.

I sliced the tomato thick, around 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch. Fried up four strips of bacon good and slow - they didn't shrink nearly as much as I feared they might, and there was hardly any curling, but they were nice and crisp. Some nice house-brand oat nut toast from the local supermarket, some Cain's Mayonnaise (sorry, Martha, I just don't have it in me to make my own), and a big, crunchy leaf of lettuce.

It was quite......


I'll be doing this again.

Inverted Cloud Hats Get the Go-Ahead

After dropping Ryan at Mossy Cottage Knits an e-mail to tell her about my modification of her Dulaan Cloud Hat pattern, I received this lovely note back from her:


I'm so happy when someone enjoys--and then improves on--one of my patterns! (I even hesitate to call the Cloud Hat "my" pattern because I'm sure it's been done a million times before.) Your changes are great!! I will be absolutely sure to post a link to your modified pattern on my blog.

And *feel free* to post your pattern on your pattern list! With patterns where I was more creative and spent more time designing the finished product, I might care more about the copyright issues, but not this silly ol' one.

(BTW, I loved the photo of your husband wearing the hat. That made my day.)

Ryan, I can honestly say that your note made my day! Since I have your blessing, I will indeed go ahead and create a full-fledged pattern and PDF for my Inverted Cloud Hat. It has occurred to me, too, that unlike the original Dulaan Cloud Hat, knitting the inverted version for different sizes isn't as easy as casting on a different number of stitches. As I wrote it up yesterday, it makes a hat for a large adult head. So I'll spend some time making the calculations and writing the pattern to suit a number of sizes, and I'll put it up on my sidebar.

Meanwhile, I've actually completed the first Inverted Cloud Hat now, and Gryphon and I went out to our favorite local park (Emerson Park in Milford) to take some pictures. This berry bush made the perfect setting, don't you think?

Gryphon Models the Inverted Cloud Hat

Gryphon in the Inverted Cloud Hat, Berry Colorway


This May Be My Favorite Photo

I almost missed this shot. I had turned away thinking we were done, and when I looked back, Gryphon was goofing around with some of the taller berry branches.

Knitting Around with a Hidden Treasure

This past summer, Gryphon and I discovered geocaching, a worldwide phenomenon where thousands of individuals are hiding boxes, then posting Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) coordinates at www.geocaching.com, the official website for the game.

We found 10 caches in New Hampshire in the first few months, then we decided we wanted to hide one of our own. We did so this summer, at Emerson Park in Milford. The Milford Memory Box has seen a fair bit of traffic. People seem to like that it brings them to a park that is a hidden treasure in downtown Milford, NH, and they comment on how well the box is hidden, virtually in plain sight.

Gryphon and I visit the park every week or two to check up on things. Today was a beautiful day out (over 50 degrees, and sunny), so we decided it was time for a walk there again. And I realized something - I'd never done the Knitting Around thing there.

So here I am, Knitting Around in Emerson Park.

Knitting Around in Emerson Park

Knitting Around in Emerson Park

For all you budding (or experienced) geocachers out there, these pictures are a bonus clue. In the one above, the site where the cache is hidden is actually visible in the picture.

Knitting Around - View from the Cache

Knitting Around in Emerson Park, Side B

And in this picture, I'm being photographed from the viewpoint of the cache.

Anyone in the area who's inclined to give geocaching a try, the Milford Memory Box is a nice, simple one to begin with. The location is easy to get to, and quite attractive. No bushwacking or climbing is necessary. It's even wheelchair accessible, though I should point out there are lots of dead leaves and small twigs on the paths this time of year. If you want to visit our cache, the coordinates are N 42° 50.182 W 071° 39.032. For more details, visit the geocaching listing for The Milford Memory Box at this website.

A Final Note

As you may or may not have noticed, I added a section to the sidebar of this blog titled "Free Stuff". The Freedom Mitts Pattern is now linked to there, and soon I'll do the same with the Inverted Cloud Hat pattern (once I've finalized it.) There's also a sub-category for Desktop Wallpapers where I'll eventually be posting monthly downloads of free wallpaper images for your computer. I need to create the gallery page that you'll hop to first, though. But keep watching, it's coming soon!

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