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Friday, January 20, 2006

Knit Around - and Tell Me About It!

I know that what I'm about to tell you risks being overshadowed by Yarn Harlot's astoundingly popular Knitting Olympics. (I should talk - I already signed up to compete!) But I am going ahead with it anyhow. It's something I've been planning for a long time, and even before Stephanie made her announcement of the Olympics, it was my intention to introduce it this week.

I think we're good to go, though - the Knitting Olympics are a short-term, if intense, event. But what I'm going to propose is a perpetual activity, and one that can easily be integrated with your regular knitting activities.

If you've been reading here for a while, you know that I like to Knit Around. What does that mean? Well, here's the definition I wrote today:

Knitting Around is knitting in places, or under circumstances, that have meaning - whether purely personal meaning, or general historical or social significance. A true incidence of Knitting Around is more than just a picture of a knitter - it includes telling the story of the picture, and what is meaningful about it.

Why am I telling you this? Because you just might need to know what it's all about!

As of today, I am opening the concept of Knitting Around, as practiced by Folkcat, to outside entries. Yes, that means that you could send me a link to your post with a photo of yourself Knitting Around, and I'll post it here and add you to a Knitting Around Gallery, to be created soon.

I've written up a FAQ about it, where you'll find answers to all your questions about how to participate: a definition of Knitting Around; a list of examples; instructions for sending your entries to me; and more. Please visit the FAQ for all the details, and if you still have any questions, you can e-mail me at crafty.kitty@yahoo.com .

It is my hope to have an "I Knit Around" button to offer to folks whose entries get posted. I'm open to submissions if any talented folks want to try creating one for me - my own efforts so far have frustrated rather than satisfied me. Whether I use your button or not will be entirely subject to my cat-like whims, but if I like it, I will use it, and with much gratitude to the designer.

And while we wait for those first entries to start rolling in, please feel free to help spread the word! I'd like to see Knitting Around pictures as a regular feature here, and I'm so looking forward to seeing where other folks Knit Around!

Thanks for visiting!

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