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Monday, February 27, 2006

99:99 Monday: Baby Steps Get Bigger

Last week, the goal for my 99:99 plan was to complete 6 sessions of marching in place for five minutes: one each on five days, and an extra one on Wednesday.

After Wednesday's second session, I felt good enough that I did two sessions each day on Friday and Saturday, too. That's a total of 10 minutes (and two sessions) more than goal for the week.

I guess that having gotten my foot in the door, so to speak, with exercising, I'm ready to take bigger steps now. So this week's goal is going to be even more ambitious - each of the five days I exercise will include one ten minute session, and one five minute. That's 15 minutes of exercise, five days - half of the ultimate goal of 30 minutes per day.

Besides exercising, I used the 99:99 plan last week to help me regulate my knitting, keeping it to small doses so that my hands could recover from the over-use of the week before. Instead of knitting all day long, on my worst days I allowed only a maximum of 99 minutes, 99 seconds - for the entire day. Most days I didn't even knit that much, as I also required myself to put the knitting down when my hands hurt, creating rest time that I counted towards the total knitting allotment for the day.

Today, my hands are feeling much better, though still not 100%. I am requiring myself to wear the Thera-gloves for all knitting, and I'm not allowing two 99:99's in a row that are both knitting activity, which gives the hands a chance to rest. I'm sticking to lightweight knitting projects, too - Kiri, socks, and the like - as they are easier on the hands.

There is still lots of ground to gain, but the 99:99 concept is definitely proving to be a winner. Having that timer beep every 100 minutes is forcing me to break my days up into more activities, keeping me from being a completely immobile, chair-squatting, television-watching knitter for the entire day, as I was once prone to doing.

The evidence is clear. This may be an eccentric concept, but it works for me, and it's no weirder than eating grapefruit all day. And the only expense was $10 for a digital timer. In fact, it would be even cheaper now - I just noticed yesterday that Target has price-cut the same timer down to $8.99!

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