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Thursday, February 16, 2006

D is for Dependable

D is for Difficult

As I've been struggling along with these Winter Knitting Olympics, I've learned that the competition I set for myself - knitting my first lace shawl from laceweight yarn - is a difficult one.

The test is proving to be one not of complexity, but of endurance. I have mastered the pattern, have readily accomplished the technical finesse needed to assure that each stitch is formed properly and without splitting the yarn or losing a yarn over. But I am knitting at full speed, in every spare moment of the day, and I feel like I'm barely keeping up with the pace I must if I am to finish by the closing ceremonies.

I wouldn't dream of trying this level of challenge if I had children, or a job outside the home. And I don't think I'd survive it if I didn't have someone to depend on.

D is for Dependable

My husband, my rock, my saviour...Gryphon has chosen not to pooh-pooh this Olympics thing as impractical nonsense or a waste of time. He believes that if I believe it's worth doing, then it is worth doing. And because he believes that, he also believes it's worth throwing his effort behind me as the crack support team that any world-class athlete needs to have.*

Gryphon the Dependable
Gryphon the Dependable

This is the scene I often see as I sit in my chair, knitting away on my shawl. The view through our kitchen door, watching as Gryphon patiently goes about cleaning, doing laundry, and preparing more meals than we usually allot to him. He has made extra solo trips to the supermarket to do the shopping. He is providing extra support and encouragement when my spirits slump.

He is helping me to remember that I chose this quest because I believed I could do it, and he is making sure I know that he believes it, too.

This Olympic Knitting challenge may be the hardest thing I've ever taken on. But, as tired and stressed as I feel at times, Gryphon is giving me the space I need to succeed at it, and is a lifeline to keep me in touch with reality. Because of him, I can continue to see the value in this effort, and to measure its impact on my life realistically.

I can do this. And it's entirely because I have someone taking care of me, encouraging me, while I do. Making sure I get sufficient rest, have good nourishment, and take care of the muscles I need to perform at my sport.

Thank you, Gryphon. I Love You.

*And believe me, ladies and gentlemen, we are all world-class athletes in this Knitting Olympics. I don't think anyone of us has entered without the belief that we can achieve gold in our selected competition. Unlike many teams in the real Winter Olympics, who consider themselves lucky to be there at all, and are happy even if they only finish the race no matter what place they take, or if they score even a single point in their game. No, we Knit-thletes have valid reasons to think that each and every one of us can take the top honors!

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