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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Folkcat's Knitting Basket - an Overview of Projects

Having gotten past the Olympics, I thought it was high time to re-evaluate the list of knitting projects. Some things have left the list as finished objects; some still dwell as items on the needles, taking turns for my active knitting attention; others are still in the "someday" category.

Knitting to Work On:

1. * Ruana to replace UCP
2. Felted laptop bag
3. Felted knitting tote
4. Flap for felted entre-lac bag
5. One Skein Wonder
6. Burgundy sweater vest for Gryphon
7. Felted potholders
8. Socks with CTH Supersock
9. *Lace shawl with Kool-Aid dyed yarn
10. *The Pirate Project
11. *The Sock Project
12. Something for a baby
13. Wearable Hug #14

#9, the lace shawl, is the Kiri I chose to do for the Olympics. That's going to move along slowly, but it will move. It just won't look like anything different until I bind off and block. Right now, it's one endless repeat after another of the same all-over pattern. Pretty, and I love how it's coming out, but it's reached a stage of boring to talk about on the blog.

#1, the ruana, has been placed in a holding pattern. There's an accent yarn in the mix of fibers from my stash that I am running too short of. No, I don't need a lot, but I'll guarantee you I won't find this yarn anywhere. It's been in my stash for over 20 years, and the ball bands are long vanished into the ether.

It's a novelty yarn, composed of a loosely spun single plied with a satiny ribbon in the same color. Since it's only an accent yarn in the ruana, however (never knit more than one row at a time, and separated by many rows), what I'm going to do is shop for a substitute that matches in color, without worrying about texture or weight. (I'm working in bulky-weight yarns, so if I find something lighter than that I'll just use multiple strands together.)

#'s 10 & 11, both listed as vague "Projects", are partial secrets of one kind or another. The Pirate Project is for the Booty Swap that I just joined, and I'll probably release the pattern as a freebie after the swap is over. The Sock Project is my ongoing development of my variation on yoga socks. That's a semi-secret because I actually hope to sell that pattern when it's completed. Technically, #8 should be folded into the Sock Project, since I'll be knitting samples for that from my Cherry Tree Hill yarn when the time comes.

#13, Wearable Hug #14...I almost always have the next Wearable Hug on the needles. Wearable Hug #13 was recently gifted, and gratefull received, as I've been told. I'd probably have cast on for the next one already, except that I have no more Homespun yarn in stash. And then there's the matter of list Item #12, which has been making noises at me...

As for #12, Something for a baby - no, I don't know anyone having a baby. But I keep getting thrown signs that I should knit something for one. A kit for a baby bonnet and booties on extreme sale at Target. A gift of several skeins of yarn that would make a perfect baby sweater, or mixed with yarn from stash, a blankie. Some sort of baby-needs energy is building up around me, and I know to answer those calls.

Other items on the list are in the category of perpetual wants...the sort of thing that I'll pick up and start work on when the right confluence of yarns, desire, pattern, and time come together. Some of them may drop off the list if the interest fades...we'll just have to wait and see.

Besides actual knitting, I still have several pattern projects I'm working on:

Patterns to Work On:

1. Catnip mouse pattern
2. Top-down hat pattern
3. The Pirate Project
4. The Sock Project

It seems to be all too easy to forget about the patterns I'm designing when I have actual yarn on actual needles. I'm making an effort not to forget these, though, as they have potential interest to others.

The first two items on this list I have promised on this blog before, and seriously, I do intend to someday get them worked into a form I'm happy with and post them as freebies. Really, I do. I even opened up the catnip mouse pattern the other day and did some editing on it.

The mouse, though, I need to knit some new samples of so I can take some in-progress pictures, and so I'll have finished models to photograph, too. (All the originals went to cats of friends and family.) The hat pattern is simple enough, but I don't have it actually written out except in very primitive form in an old blog post somewhere. So I need to dig it out and format it.

The two "Projects", I talked about above. They're in progress, but may take a while before you actually see the results.

Who Cares?

Probably no one but me cares about these detailed reviews of my work list, but it does help me focus my efforts. You know how it is - you've got so many things in your head that you are knitting, want to knit, or should knit, that you lose track of what's going on. Projects risk being forgotten when reality gets like that, so it pays to try to nail down a snapshot of it now and then.

Rest assured that I'll be working on all of this, and that you'll likely be the first to know when something's done!

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