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Friday, February 17, 2006

Knitting Olympics, Day Eight: Technical Difficulties

Special Announcement: Today's heat of the Team NH Lace Team has been moved to a new arena. Technical difficulties at the original location - the home of the Wilton, NH team member - have forced the move to a location with a more stable power source, where our knit-thlete, Folkcat, will be able to work without interruption due to short power outages.

Panera - a change of venue
Change of Venue - let the games continue!

Okay, bottom line - with the high gusts of wind today and the generally unstable power grid in southern NH, we kept having brief failures that were just long enough to reset every piece of electrical equipment in the house. Including my Tivo, which I was using to occupy my mind while I knit; the network hub connecting my laptop to the Internet so I could read blogs; and more.

All of this instability meant I couldn't trust the equipment to let me work uninterrupted. Very distracting, that. So after the third time, I declared "Enough!" Even though it was only 2 p.m., and tonight's knit gathering at Panera isn't until 5:30 p.m., I decided I had to go just to maintain my sanity and allow me to get some practical work done. Like posting this blog entry.

I suppose an update is in order - I have now knit several more repeats of the main pattern in Kiri than the designer's original Kiri contained. The size is still nowhere near my desires, though it is large enough already that I feel there is hope I might have a truly wearable small shawl in time to block the piece before the Closing Ceremonies.

Kiri after Day Seven
Kiri after Day Seven

Of course, she's now reached a size where I can no longer spread her out for a full picture. So this may be the last you see of her until she's on the blocking board.

So here I sit, prepared to make what progress I can, and to spend a quiet afternoon at Panera with a steady power supply. Not the day I planned, but then, the real world Olympics wind up dealing with unrealized expectations and changes of plans, too!

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