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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics, Day Four: Going Public

I took my Olympic Knitting out in public last night. The second Monday of each month is time for the Eats, Knits, & Leaves knitting group at Toadstool Bookshop (Lorden Plaza in Milford).

I knew that being in the midst of a group of knitters talking about their projects, debating yarns, techniques, books, and more, would slow me down. And it did. While at the group, I only managed to knit about 2 1/2 rows.

After getting home, though, I was able to meet my goal for the day*. And I stuck at it long enough to add one more row beyond that.

More important than that is that taking my Kiri out in public proved that I've reached a comfort level with it. At the group, I was able to maintain the pattern, and even found I have reached a point where I can read the knitting and know what stitches to do next, without consulting the original text for instructions. I did make one mistake on the first pattern row I knit there, but I now know the benchmarks in the pattern that are supposed to line up. When I was off by a stitch on the next pattern row, I was able to look immediately below that section, find the error (a SK2P - I had S'd and K2'd, but didn't P), and fix it without having to tink or frog.

All while discussing everything from stitch markers (I sold some last night) to books (we were offered a 20% discount on knitting books bought last night because we're officially a "book club" at Toadstool) to dyeing yarn (I brought my latest food-color dyed yarn to Show'n'Tell) to Valentine's cookies (Patty brought great sugar cookies) and charity knitting (Patty is helping to find knitters to make hats for premies, and has kits to offer that include yarn and instructions).

So, while I didn't knit as much during those two hours as I would have during the same amount of time at home, I did prove that I know the pattern for Kiri well enough now to effectively knit it with multiple distractions.

February Eats, Knits, & Leaves
L. to R.: Patty (back to camera), Beth, Bea (seated), Janice, and Pat

Between knitting Kiri and all the wonderful chit-chat, I nearly forgot to take the monthly picture! Luckily, I remembered before anyone actually left.

The next gathering of Eats, Knits, & Leaves will be on Monday, March 13th, from 7 to 9 p.m. Hope to see you there!

Olympic Progress Shot

Olympic Kiri, Day Four
Kiri after Day Four: a little over 18" unblocked

Kiri is visibly growing. I don't know how many more days I'll be able to get her spread out this much to take a good shot, so enjoy it while you can!

* With my original fixed goal no longer valid, and being now uncertain how big I'll actually be able to make Kiri by the time the Olympics are over, I am starting each day by evaluating the previous day's performance, and setting a new potential size and daily goal based on that. If I knit a lot, and I think the amount I knit is possible to sustain each day, I increase the goal size until the row I'm currently at represents progress of 10% for every day since the Olympics began. My new goal for the current day is then set at another 10% of the projected size. No, that doesn't have to make sense to you - the important thing is it makes sense to me. :)

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