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Monday, April 03, 2006

WIP it Out! Redux

Blogger has finally fixed the Atom API, so I can post properly again. For starters, this is what the post I made on Friday was supposed to look like, pictures and all.

Elspeth has suggested that we all WIP it Out! today - by which she means, show what our Works-in-Progress are. Sounds like a good idea to me - I try to do it now and then just to keep myself honest about what I'm working on.

Thing is, I've got a lot of WIPs. So, Elspeth, just remember that you asked for this!

1. Ruana (short one for indoor wear near drafty windows)

WIP - Ruana

The ruana is approaching the halfway point, but has been on hold for some time because the bright pink yarn I'm using as an accent is running out fast (you can see it along the current working edge of the ruana). This is a stash yarn that's between 15 and 20 years old, with no ball band, so chances of finding more of the same are low. I'll get back to this one when I find some other yarn in a similar weight and color to use in the rest of the ruana.

2. Felted Knitting Tote; Felted Laptop Bag

WIP - Felted bags (2)

I'm grouping these together because they're likely to use the same pool of materials. Currently, both of these are in a collecting phase. As in, I'm still collecting assorted skeins of Noro Kureyon and similar yarns in related colors, until I think I have enough to get started.

3. Preemie Hats

WIP - preemie hats

An ongoing project that's actually seen a lot of blog time lately. Above, you see the felted entre-lac bag that I carry all the skeins of preemie hat yarn in, along with the finished hats and the current one in progress. I expect to have at least 5 or 6 hats to turn in to Patty at the next meeting of Eats, Knits & Leaves.

4. Burgundy Sweater Vest for Gryphon

WIP - Sweater Vest

Slowly coming along. Last time I picked it up, I added a couple of inches to the first piece, the back.

5. Kitchen Things

WIP - Kitchen Things

Being created at the request of Gryphon, who does most of the kitchen clean-up. Above you see the remains (in some cases, an intact cone) of five cones of Sugar 'n' Cream yarn that I've had in stash a good 10 years. Bit by bit, I'm putting it to use creating dishcloths. And the occasional Rat Hammock.

6. Lace Shawl with Kool-Aid dyed yarn

WIP - Lace Shawl

It takes around half an hour to knit one row now, and according to my charts, I'm about 42% done with it. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I don't think whoever said that was a knitter.

7. The Pirate Project

About which, more next week after my Booty Pal receives her package!

8. Baby Things

WIP - Baby Things

Current in the ongoing "knitting things to give away for babies" is this baby blanket, which I think is approaching halfway done.

9. Barefoot Diva Socks

WIP - Barefoot Diva Socks

Still under development and hoping to come up with a pattern to offer, I'm working on yet another iteration of my version of yoga socks.

10. Wearable Hug #14

WIP - Wearable Hug #14

Wearable Hugs, my answer to Prayer Shawls. Yes, the yarn is almost that red in real life. I just joined in the second of three skeins of yarn last night, so this is a little over a third done.

11. Ladder-yarn shawl

WIP - Ladder Yarn Shawl

This is an old project recovered from stash several weeks ago. Not sure how far done I am. I'm kind of making this one up as I go. Good thing that A. C. Moore still carries the Dazzle yarn, I'm sure I'll need more than I have by the time I'm done.

12. Warm Things

WIP - Warm Things Scarf

Random warm accessories for a pediatrician who donates them to her patients, many of whom are immigrant families from warmer climates who aren't prepared for our cold seasons. This is a Slanted Eyelet Scarf from the 2006 Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar.

13. Homespun Cardigan

WIP - Homespun Cardigan

Another ancient stash retrieval, even older than the ladder yarn shawl. The heap you see is the finished pieces that I need to seam together to make the sweater.

Hmm....lucky 13, huh? It's worth noting that I usually consider several other items on the list, too, but so far they're only at the "on the list" phase. So there's literally nothing to show for them.

Except for the ruana, which needs me to find some yarn to be able to continue, everything you see here actually gets a regular amount of attention. And I generally feel pleased with the progress on each, too. So even though this seems like an awful lot of WIPs to juggle, it's a number that works for me.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the nice comments about Sable and Star. Our rattie little girls are coming along nicely - they have several times been able to settle in my arms a little and get rubbed and stroked for a couple minutes before feeling the need to retreat to the safety of their condo. Not bad for less than a week!

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