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Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick! Distract Them With Bright Colors and Cute Animals!

I'd put pictures of my knitting here, but there's not much to show. There's been lots of knitting progress, but only of the nature of "Oh, look, there's more inches of stockinette." Nothing that shows any noteworthy benchmarks reached.

The Log Cabin Blanket no longer has my undivided attention. It lost that when it got large enough that knitting on it for too long at a time made my hands hurt. So it's back to my regular rotation of projects.

For the record, this week I have knit: about 5 inches of the back of Gryphon's Burgundy Sweater Vest; a second mitered square that I plan to felt to use as a potholder; a couple of Scrubbies from acrylic yarn for Gryphon to test as dishwashing aids. (Scrubby pattern is from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar, April 20th, 2006.)

I'm feeling much better since last week's coughing, and I've gotten back to a more regular routine. It feels good to be more productive again.

Otherwise, my mind is heavily occupied with the monumental task of creating my new blog reality. My new blog, Crafting Jen, will be absorbing all the archives of my many retired blogs, as well as providing my new online home. Why do I have so many blogs? Well, I set up under Blogger - which has no options for useful things like Categories. It was easier to have a separate blog for each category than to try to find a way to differentiate different subjects within a single blog.

I had been planning to create a new blog just for the archived, retired blogs. But then I had that a-ha! that I mentioned about putting my beading blog under Crafting Jen along with the rest of my crafting. And then, once that had soaked into my brain, I realized that all the old blogs could come along for the same ride, too - each with its own category to find it by.

Making this so will be no small task. We're talking about the contents of ten Blogger blogs that will be imported into a single WordPress one. But the end result - all my blogging reality finally brought together under a single banner - will be well worth it.

And now, since it's Friday and I feel that what I've written so far makes kind of a wimpy, bang-less end to the blogging week, I'm going to do as the post title says:

Bright Colors

A picture taken one year ago Saturday, in front of the apartment downstairs and on the other side of the building from us. Viola, the little old lady who lived there, didn't get around easily, but she always planted a nice little garden at her doorstep. Last year, she had poppies, and I caught this one blazing bright in the sunlight as Gryphon and I came home from taking a ride on the train.


Gryphon and I learned last weekend that Viola had passed away a couple of weeks ago. We didn't ever see her a lot, but she had a daughter who spent a lot of time visiting her. I would see her now and then in the summer when the Wilton Farmer's Market was open on Fridays. I would cross paths with her walking down the block to check out the produce, Viola keeping up a slow but steady pace with her wheeled walker. We'd chat a bit about the weather, and the market, and all those pleasant little things that people talk about when they're just having a nice moment together by chance.

I'm going to miss her garden.

Cute Animals

If you only judged our household by the pictures, you'd think we only have one rat, not two. Though they are sisters, Star and Sable's personalities couldn't be more different. Somehow, Star is always the one who hangs around for the camera more than Sable does. And Star is the one more likely to have a cute moment at a time when the shutter can click.

Yesterday, the Rattie Sisters discovered that I have a little sheepswool duster. I use it to clean off the laptop that sits by my knitting chair, which in turn sits next to the rat cage.

Star Stealing a Wool Duster
Star Drags a Duster Back Home

I should have expected that something as floofy as the duster would appeal to the Ratties. And sure enough, every chance she got, Star was grabbing it away from me and dragging it back into the cage to stash for later play.

It must have been exhausting for her, though, hauling that huge duster around. And let me tell you, when Star sacks out for a snooze, she really gets into it!

Sleeping Star
Star, Folded for Sleeping

That's Star's own tail hanging straight down below her neck. Yes, rats are that flexible! Don't we wish we all were?

More substance next week, I hope. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

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