All About Knitting Around

1. What is Knitting Around, anyway?

Knitting Around is knitting in places, or under circumstances, that have meaning - whether purely personal meaning, or general historical or social significance. A true incidence of Knitting Around is more than just a picture of a knitter - it includes telling the story of the picture, and what is meaningful about it.

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2. Can you give me some examples?

Sure! But please realize that Knitting Around is limited only by the imagination of the knitter. These examples can serve as guidelines when you're asking the question "Is this Knitting Around?", but they are by no means meant as an exhaustive list of all possibilities. Knitting Around can happen in any places or circumstances that the knitter finds meaning in, including and not limited to:

Knitting Around can be related to human history: an historic landmark; a site where a significant event occurred; atop the pyramids in Mexico.

Knitting Around can be related to personal history: the hospital where you (or your children) were born; your childhood home; the country your grandparents came from.

Knitting Around can be about unique human creations; a record-setting trebuchet (see Where has Folkcat Knit Around?  below); an art installation (Cristo's Gates in Central Park, for instance); a house of unusual architectural style.

Knitting Around can be about stretching the limits of personal experience: knitting while sky-diving; knitting while waiting to bungee jump for the first time; knitting while attending your first opera.

Knitting Around can be about people and places that do what they do very well: knitting at an extraordinary specialty store; knitting on a field while watching skydivers parachute to the ground; knitting while watching a master craftsman work.

Knitting Around can be about the events that celebrate our culture and our history: knitting at the Rose Bowl Parade; at Mardi Gras; at a Fourth of July celebration; at a presidential inauguration. 

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3. Where did the idea for Knitting Around come from?

Knitting Around is born from, and pays homage to, The Knitting Libran's original concept of Extreme Knitting. There are essential differences between the two ideas, however. All Extreme Knitting is Knitting Around, but not all Knitting Around is Extreme. For example: Knitting Around might be while visiting Niagara Falls, with the falls visible behind you; Extreme Knitting would be knitting on the Maid of the Mist boat, with Niagara Falls all around you!

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4. Where has Folkcat Knit Around?

Lots of places, actually. Here's a list of the blog entries that contain my Knitting Around posts, in chronological order:

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5. Can I play, too?

Absolutely! All you have to do is pick a place or situation that has meaning to you, and knit there. Get someone to take your picture - or do your best to take a picture by yourself - showing your knitting and the place. Post it to your blog, and be sure to tell the story behind the image - why is this place or this situation meaningful? Remember, it's up to you to help us see what's special about your Knitting Around!

Once you've done that, let me know either in e-mail ( or in comments. Use the subject line "Knitting Around", and be sure to give me a link to your post. Please do not send me the picture itself in e-mail, unless I request it. I'll copy it from your blog if I can, or send you an e-mail if I can't. I will then post a thumbnail of your photo at I Knit Around , along with a link to your original entry.

I will post any reasonable entry that successfully convinces me that it's a meaningful instance of Knitting Around. I may occasionally choose to link to your entry without actually displaying your picture at I Knit Around - if I do that, it will still count as a full-fledged Knitting Around entry.

Final decisions about all entries posted to I Knit Around belong to Folkcat Herself, and may seem at times completely arbitrary. But then, such is the nature of cats.

Ultimately, Knitting Around is what the knitter herself (or himself) makes of it. If the circumstances or place have meaning to you, then it's Knitting Around. It's up to you to help us to see what's special!

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6. Are there any rules?

Of course - everything in life has rules! Here are the rules for Knitting Around:

    1. Enjoy yourself.
    2. Take your knitting.
    3. Take a picture.
    4. Explain why the Knitting Around was meaningful.
    5. Read the submission guidelines under Can I play, too?
    6. Did I mention to enjoy yourself?

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7. Are there prizes?

Knitting Around is it's own reward. There is a spiritual renewal that comes from finding meaning in where you do things that are special to you, like knitting. And I believe that the places and circumstances in which you knit infuse your knitted project with energies as well.

That said, I have no plans at this time to offer any special prizes for individual entries. It is my hope that some kind graphically-talented person will come up with an "I Knit Around" button that can be displayed by those whose Knitting Around entries I post. If and when that happens, I will assure that everyone who has submitted Knitting Around photos gets one by e-mail, which they can then proudly display on their blog.

If this catches on, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of annual awards for the most outstanding Knitting Around pictures of the year. Who knows?

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8. I have more questions!

An inquiring mind is a sign of curiosity, and all cats are curious. If you have any questions that haven't been answered in this FAQ, please, feel free to contact me by e-mail at: I'll be glad to do what I can to answer them for you, and if I think they're of general enough interest, I may add them to this page.

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9. About Folkcat

Knitting Around, as described in this FAQ, is the brainchild of Jenny "Folkcat" Kubeck, a knitter and self-described multi-crafter living, creating, and blogging in Scenic Southern New Hampshire. For more information about Folkcat, her art, or about Knitting Around, please e-mail her at

Thank you for visiting I Knit Around!