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Every now and then, I get adventurous enough with my knitting to come up with a pattern that I think is worth offering. Here's what I've got so far!

How to use these patterns:

Many of my patterns are created in PDF format. They are marked with the letters PDF in front of the pattern name. You'll need a PDF reader to view them. But that's okay - if you have one on your computer, it will automatically open the pattern when you click on the link I give.

If you click on the pattern link and nothing happens, you may need to install a PDF reader. Don't panic, it's really, really easy, and the reader is free. Just go to You'll see a spot on the screen that says "Get Adobe Reader". Click on that, and then follow the instructions as the software downloads and installs.

If you have the Adobe Reader, but still nothing happens when you click on the pattern name, check whether you need to update to a more recent version. I think you'll need at least 7.0 to open my PDF's. Open your Adobe Reader, and under the "Help" menu, click on "Check for Updates Now..."

Adobe Reader is safe to use, safe to install on your computer, and is the standard for reading PDF files. It should be - the folks at Adobe created the PDF format!

NEW! February 2009 - Knit Felted Catnip Mice in PDF form!

Feb. 12, 2009: You just never know what will happen when you put things out on the internet! One knitter who loved these little mice decided to return some kindness to me by creating a PDF of the pattern for me! How sweet is that?

So here it is at least, the finalized PDF of the Knit Felted Catnip Mice pattern!

Knit Felted Catnip Mice (PDF file)

January 2007: No fancy PDF for this one yet. But I promised this pattern over a year ago, and I've been a slacker. So here is a link to a raw TXT, Beta version of the pattern for my Knit Felted Catnip Mice.

Feb. 2, 2007: Edited text file to add needle size and yarn requirements for pattern! If you downloaded the pattern before this date, please simply download again.

Feb. 12, 2009: It's been called to my attention that there's an oversight in knitting directions in the TXT version of the pattern. After Row 13, I fail to mention what do do with any other odd-numbered row! The answer is that all remaining rows are worked in straight Purl, just as Row 13 is.

                                                                                    Knit Felted Catnip Mice (TXT file)

May 2007 - Fluffy Ribbed Hairband

In spite of how I may look here, I rather like these hairbands. They're easy to knit, use small scraps of yarn, and can be made in just a few short hours.

The pattern is a modification of the Shaker Rib stitch, which gives a fluffy texture and a good stretch to even the least elastic of yarns. Try it out, and create your own hairband wardrobe!

Fluffy Ribbed Hairband






April 2006 - (PDF) A Felted Eye PatchApril 2006 - A Felted Eyepatch

I took part in a very enjoyable Pirate Booty Swap, and as part of the treasures I sent my Booty Pal, I created my own pattern for A Felted Eye Patch.

This fun little pattern is quick and easy to knit up with scraps of feltable wool yarn. I offer two sizes - one adult size, as shown on Iron William Flynt here, and a children's size as well.

This pattern is free for your personal use, so download it and give it a try! Make them in any color you like - you can have a whole fashion wardrobe of eye patches to go with any outfit!



November 2005 - (PDF) Freedom Mitts

Freedom Mitts, a free pattern from Folkcat


My first pattern offering! Freedom Mitts answered an issue I always have with mittens and gloves - I'm not comfortable with anything close around my fingers, or with layers of material between them. So the trend for fingerless mitts going around the Internet inspired me to come up with my own version.

This pattern is free for your personal use, so if you'd like to give it a try, just click on the link below and save it to your own computer.




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